Covid-19 Preparedness

We have begun welcoming guests here at Ocean Gate with an impeccably prepared Covid 19 operational safety plan in place.

It begins with our “Pledge”.  “The Pledge” represents the very foundation of the planning and practices which we have set in place in order to welcome you as our guest at our beautiful property.  It is a pledge to you, our guests, about what you can expect from us, and a pledge from you, detailing what we expect from you in return.

In addition to The Pledge, let us share with you a number of the reinvented safety processes and protocols that we have created in response to the Covid 19, and a certified safe plan of operation.

• Migis Hotel Group, (MHG is the company that operates Ocean Gate Resort) Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan: The plan addresses all aspects of potential exposure and summarizes the steps MHG is taking to reduce the exposure. This document was written in concert with our company attorney’s at Pierce Atwood (a very respected Portland Maine based law firm), along with information from CDC, OSHA, MEMIC, State of Maine and HospitalityMaine, and has been reviewed by that same legal team at Pierce Atwood. Each and every employee has accepted, embraced, and signed off on this document.

• MHG COVID Workplace Safety Policy: A summary of the most important points from the above MHG Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan. This is used by all MHG employees in their daily duties.

Job Safety Analysis and Mitigation Protocols by department: Guides each employee through OSHA’s defined risk level of potential exposure or infection for each job. This document lists possible areas of exposure for the employee as they do their job and details specific mitigation protocols that are being taken is taking to reduce or remove exposure risk. MHG Departmental Pandemic Operational Protocols – This document lists standards and protocols that will guide each department at the hotel in specific training in order to create the impeccably safe spaces needed to welcome guests.

MHG Departmental Pandemic Operational Protocols: Lists standards and protocols that will guide each department at the hotel in specific training in order to create the impeccably safe spaces required in order to welcome guests.

MHG COVID-19 Cleaning Checklists: Enhanced and detailed lists for new cleaning procedures using latest developed cleaning products at the Hotel.

We will be enacting the following policies to meet regulatory guidelines and ensure your safety:

• All guests must be Maine State residents, or meet the state mandates regarding travel into Maine from other states.

• For adherence to state regulations and the continued health and safety of our guests, staff, and community, we require everyone to wear a face mask covering both the nose and mouth whenever outside guest rooms.

• Social distancing will be practiced and enforced. Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between your party and other guests and staff at all times.

• If you aren’t currently feeling well/are concerned about exposure to Covid-19 or become/ill concerned about your exposure to Covid-19 during your visit, we ask that you visit us another time.

• No exceptions; this is property policy. If you are unwilling to comply with these policies you will regretfully be required to depart the property.


• Careful consideration of number of team members working around the resort, to reduce person-to-person contact.

• Updated to go breakfast, to be enjoyed across the property or in-room.

• Stayover service available from a distance (items removed & delivered outside your door).

• Our team members will be wearing face coverings, and gloves will be worn while cleaning all spaces and will be changed between each area or space of work.

• Please note that enhanced cleaning process may reduce likelihood of early check-ins.

• Hand sanitizing stations throughout the property.

• Availability of other sanitizing solutions so that guests can sanitize an area before and after use.

• Thorough health screenings for staff will be based on CDC and state requirements and might include temperature checks and other health assessments and attestments.

• We will ensure that our guests will exercise caution in the same way.

We will continue to share with you what exciting programming and planning we have in store for you all later this summer as we welcome you all back!


Adam Leatherbee, General Manager